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jeff_alApril 9, 2014

first successful attempt to grow virginia bluebells after 2 or 3 failures. every piece i have planted in the ground has either not emerged or only came up once but never flowered. last year, i ordered and planted 4; two in the ground and two in containers (concrete planters with good potting soil). the container plants, esp. this one, look healthy (for now). i know they don't remain visible for very long before doing dormant but they sure are pretty while they last. they must be very persnickety about the site conditions and moisture may be the key. i have other plants in the containers that i keep well watered all growing season. i have never come across this plant growing in natural areas and the best description i have heard that fits is "uncommon except where locally abundant". if they are in a site that meets their needs, they will flousish. anybody have advise for growing tips that they can share?

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In nature, they generally occur in sheltered woodland hollows with rich, deep humic soil, which typically stay moist but not wet most of the year. Here, that's generally in the Appalachian ridge areas of the northeast part of the state.

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i was hoping for a reply from someone who cultivates them as a garden plant rather than container specimen. i think i may be too far south for them to naturalize in the surrounding woods. the soil under these deciduous trees is a well-drained sandy loam and has winter and spring wet conditions but probably too dry there during summer.

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