Can I plant a clematis next to the south side facing house?

lmhall2000April 5, 2008

I've got a cedar trellis that I just moved from our other home, I'm having a hard time finding a spot to plant a clematis...the front of my house faces due north and has large oak trees...the side facing west has a Bradford pear that will give some shade and the east facing side already has some roses. Will a clematis get enough sun if it's planted against the south side of the house? Right now, that area is getting full sun pretty much but I know in the summer the sun shines on the northern side v. a southern trek...has anyone had good luck planting a clematis on a southern facing side of the house?

Also, while I've got your green thumb attention...we just moved to a farm that only has boxwoods and nandina's, 5 azaleas on one side and I think one holly in a corner...I've been planting all my planters and I'm trying to think of plants that would make good foundation accents...I got 3 gallons of phlox I'm putting in the ground and a flowering viburnum to put in a corner...on the front entrance I'm going to try some of those bulb perennials that take shade..not coleus but can't think of the name of it, very common summer perennial..ugh..I'd really like color or variation of foliage to break up the solid row of boxwoods...I'll see if I can post a picture


I hope that works...

Thanks so much!

Tara in North Alabama

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Is this it?

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what about hosta in front of the boxwoods? It has lots of variations & low maintenance. I know it's not too exciting, but is very pretty. Also, I have a clematis on the south side of our house & it does great--it's going on year 3.

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