snowball bush not blooming

shaybass(z8 West Ctl AL)April 19, 2006

I have a snowball bush that won't bloom. It has LOTS of beautiful leaves and branches, but no blooms. Hasn't bloomed since I planted it two years ago. I took a branch of leaves down the street and compared it with a neighbor's snowball bush that is loaded with snowball blooms - the leaves look exactly alike, the shrub looks exactly like hers does, until hers blooms and mine doesn't!

Can anyone give me some things to check to see why it isn't blooming?

Would appreciate any help,


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tony_pman(7b/8a Al.)

Sharon, Look at Viburnum plicatum. It is also called Japanese Snow ball. Walmart, Lowes, and home depot. sold this as snow ball. Mine did not bloom until it was about 6' tall. It is worth the wait.


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dahndelora(zone 7)

Mine is not blooming either. This bush is about 5'5 feet tall and about 4-5 feet wide! No BLOOMS AT ALL!!! What can I do to the soil to make it bloom? I'm very mad!!!:(

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I have a snowball tree that i planted last year. I was blooming beautiful. On February of this year I replace this tree to another location. The tree is blooming the snow balls but no leaves. The tree looks weird. Can you tell me why this is happening?

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I have a mature snowball viburnum and sometimes it doesn't bloom if we have a late freeze while it is setting the bloom. Did you have a late freeze after a warm period?

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catbird(z7 AL)

shaybass: Some things you might check:
-Are you fertilizing the snowball? They generally don't need much fertilizer and if you're using a fertilizer with much nitrogen (the first number of the three on the label) that could encourage lots of growth and leaves, but fewer blooms.
-Is the plant getting a good bit of sun? If not, you might want to try moving it to a sunnier spot.
-Check to be sure that it wasn't planted too deep. The ground level should be no higher than the top roots. It's really best to plant them so that the top roots are a little higher than the ground level, then barely cover the roots and let the ground slope slightly away from the trunk.

I have a small snowball that I got at the swap last fall and haven't planted yet. It's not two feet tall and bloomed in the pot this year, so it doesn't seem as if size would be the deciding factor.

Good luck. Alice

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My snowball was about 3 feet tall, when a van knocked down 59 feet of fence (2004) and ran over it. Then hurricane Ivan knocked down limbs on it, the next year H. Dennis (among other tropical storms, and hurricane 'edge' winds) knocked down more limbs. Finally this year it bloomed --FINALLY--, and was beautiful.....I am glad I was patient with it!

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