The deaths continue...

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)April 23, 2014

I thought my fig tree was going to survive, bloodied but alive. Nope. It sent out a few leaves but now they have died. Time to get out the saw. The two young ones that spent the winter in large pots did not have a chance. I had a number of Eucomis in pots, all dead - 3 in the ground did live. Daffodils in pots died, those in the ground did very well. Strangely, my gardenia has no damage but all over Gadsden people are reporting theirs are badly hurt by this last winter. Mine is protected on all but the east side by a shed or other shrubbery, that must have helped.

The Etowah County Master Gardeners Assn. had its annual sale this last weekend and I thought we would sell out of shrubs as people replaced their winter casualties. No, we sold hardly any. Go figure.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Sad! B'ham here. Brother called me last night to get my causality count. I did okay but took a hit.The proir last 2-3 winters have been kind !

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My death toll is rising also. 'Autumn Beauty' gardenia, evergreen wisteria (millettia reticulata), Confederate jasmine (trachelospermum jasmioides) - all huge specimens...dead. Banana shrubs (michelia figo), osmanthus fragrans (tea olives) hit moderately to severe), and even the upper sections of nandina have been defoliated. Given another month, I'm sure I'll discover a few more "late sleepers" that won't be returning (climbing lilies, passifloras, etc.) On a "positive" note, Sweet Autumn clematis, vinca, and weeds of every nature are reporting better-than-usual growing seasons! Ughh......


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Lost my favorite salvia "Anthony Parker", a large Pavonia lasiopetala, a dappled willow that Nelson gave me several years ago "Hakuro nishiki", a red and a purple lantana. Penstemon Laura, ee Mojito. Still waiting for other plants to show up. Weeds flourishing, especially wild violets.


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Lost several dwarf gardenias that were less than 2 years old, a couple of lantanas, and I haven't seen a sign of my old astilbes either come to think of it. It's been a banner year for the native dogwood and the daffodils though. And of course the weeds.

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Two big rosemary shrubs, English lavender and gardenia to be shovel pruned. My red rose (species unknown) is alive, but has so much winter kill it will have to be cut way back. Hydrangeas even took a real beating. Azaleas didn't blink, though, and are in full bloom right now.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

The 3 ft tall black gum tree and 5ft tall red bay didn't make it. Oddly enough the strawberries pulled through with no protection at all.

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