anyone seen any hummingbird?

cockybamagirlApril 26, 2006

I just put out a feeder. Why I think I can attract a hummingbird to my (blue) feeder is beyond me. Honestly, I bought it cuz I thought it was pretty. it is blue blown glass with pink flower nozzles...Love if only a hummer could find it.

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troyers(7 Andrews TX)

Heres one from my yard in Jacksonville a couple of weeks ago. My parents have different colored feeders and always have about a dozen hummers every year. Maybe you could tie some red ribbon near where the feeder is to attract it just in case?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

I've had hummers for a month or more here in Elmore County. These are mostly migrating north, so you might see them for a few days then think they've dissapeared, but more will take their place until our locals come in to stay. I've had to refill my feeder about 4 times already! The migrants are very hungry!! :)

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I've had them for several weeks now. But I'll tell you, I haven't had much luck with those pretty glass feeders. Someone gave me one a couple of years ago and I'd see the hummers fly to it and leave it alone. Put up one of the plastic ones and they are there all the time. The only thing I have trouble with is the dang squirrels. They pull the plastic flowers out to get to the sugar water. I also had the squirrels chew and destroy one like in troyers photo.

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troyers(7 Andrews TX)

Thats interesting about the squirrels. I have 5 squirrels that stay in my yard and are on my deck alot. They steal from the regular birdfeeder but have never bothered the hummingbird feeder thats about 2 feet away from it. Guess I need to watch out!

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Troyers, the squirrels didn't bother mine either for the first couple of years. And it really depends on how & where you have it hanging. Mine is on a shepherd's hook type thing. It's away from an area where the squirrels could jump to it, but I've watched them climb the pole. Last year I put vaseline on it for a while and that helped, but it's messy. Every day I have to put the plastic flowers back in. I'm probably going to have to move it and perhaps hang it on the porch, but I didn't really want to get it too close to the house as we've occasionally had some bird strikes on our french doors on the porch.

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bama35640(Z7A AL)

Had them here in Morgan county for about 3 weeks didn't realize they were back until one went after the empty feeder so filled it up and have several everyday. Thought I lost one he must have hit something while he was flying and was on the ground with what looked like a broken wingtip so I took a small box and put some tissue in it hoping at least he would quit tryin to fly for a bit. Well in about an hour he up and flew out of the box so glad he was OK.

Bob in Morgan County

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txsgal(Z8 south Alabam)

You should probably plant some red flowers around the feeder. Red Salvia does real well and also coral honeysuckle. You may remember seeing the beautiful coral honeysuckle at the house in Taylor where the lillies were. Remember?

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I saw a couple sipping from Salvia "Wild Thing" and Kniphofia this weekend. They come to my flowers and ignore the hummingbird feeders nearby.

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