A few additions for the 2014 Spring Swap...

ourhighlandhomeApril 7, 2014

In no particular order:

Sansevieria cylindrica - will divide on spot (3 or 4 starts)
Iris 'Autumn Circus' - several full 1-gal. pots
Bletilla striata (hardy orchid) - couple of full pots
Korean tassel fern - 1 gal. pots
Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' - several small pups
NOID Iris - tall, vigorous spreader with purplish blooms
Emerald Gaiety euonymus - 1 gal. pot
Byzantine gladiolus - 1 gal. pot
St. Joseph's lily (hippeastrum) - several full 1-gal. pots
Strawberry begonia (saxifraga) - sm./med.pots
Pitcher plants (saracenia) - probably 'purpurea', sm. pots

Looking for things on my exchange page, esp. things I don't even know I want yet ;-D

Oh...need water lettuce and/or water hyacinth.

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I want the Emerald Gaiety enonymus if you cant find anything you want.

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tedevore(7b Al)


I'm planning on bringing you a box of compost, a "cup and saucer vine" I have started from seed (looks interesting,)
and whatever else I can find and give you.

I like St. josephs lilies if you have a few.


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Things I have potted up to bring are:
chocolate mint (4)
spearmint (4)
sedum "yellow moss" (4)
columbine (1)
wild ginger (4)
vinca minor, blue (5)
feverfew (1)
french tarragon (2) -- if they make it, they are not rooted yet
garden sage (4) -- Nelson has 1
tricolor sage (4) -- Nelson has 1
lemon sage (4) -- Nelson has 1
purple sage (4) -- Nelson has 1
phlox sublata blue (3)
phlox sublata white (4)
phlox sublata blue & white in one pot (1) -- oops!
dianthus fire pink (4)
oregano (4)

I'm not planning on potting anything else up now unless there's a demand for something. I want:

straw flowers, plants or seeds
black willow
various edibles usually interest me
bay tree (Laurel nobilis)
some sort of hardy sedum with long stems that can trail over a retaining wall

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alabamanicole, could I please have one of each of your sages?
Would like phlox in blue too. Please

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Sure, elfs-garden.

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