freebird914April 15, 2007

Freebird914 here, Did the unthinkable and fill in my pool to create a 16 by 32 garden...It's been a slow process, Growing mostly vegetables and try to get the soil correct so it's gonna be a battle... Looking forward to sharing ideas and maybe some laughter along to way....

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Welcome to our little piece of the horticultural world. We tend to get to know each other and develop an extended family. Did you provide drainage from the pool or are you going to grow a bog garden in rainy years? Save your grass clippings and work them in with chopped leaves in Fall. Do you hve a compost pit? Horse manure, especially composted manure, is good as well. In what part of Alabama do you live? Come join us for the plant swap in Birmingham in May.

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Thanks for the welcome, I am in Montgomery, I did provide drainage for the pool, I broke up the thin layer of what some call plaster even after I was told that it was able to drain thru. (liner type pool) It's been a battle to finally get it filled. But I am happy, I grow mostly vegetables but did have three rose bushes last year... Lots of tomatoes and pepper. I have been looking at building a compost bin but to be honest a bit lazy, LOL
That is on my list to get done this summer, Slow progress but steady. Thanks again for the welcome and Have a nice day.

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