Help with a tree..

Frog_hollow_lady(8Al)April 2, 2006

I have two trees that are at two different spots in the yard..this tree has mimosa like leaves with white wisteria like blooms, oh and thorns..big ones...

I'm going to get a ladder and go up the tree to see if the blooms have a smell..

If I could figure out how to send a pic on GW I would..but as of yet..I don't have a clue.

So does anyone have a tree like this?..If so please tell me what the name is..

thanks Jody

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Sounds like Gleditsia triacanthos, the Honey Locust. Does it have huge tough pods to 12-13" long? josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Gleditsia

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Hi Josh.. no thats not it.. I would have seen those pods last year..I have lived here about 1 1/2 years..I never seen blooms last year..maybe I never looked

I have seen that locust tree down the road and never had a name for thank you on that..Jody

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I found it...Its a "black Locust"..last year it may have not bloomed because a large pecan tree was over it...some of it came down in one of the storms...on my plant bench..I could not even go the the swap due to clean up..I will look for trees are so very pretty...

Thank you Josh..could not have found it without your help..


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Thanks, Jody, for the i.d. on your tree...afraid I misled sent me back to my books in between unpacking new plant orders. I think it's neat to have a somewhat unusual tree in your yard. I have a Sassafras I enjoy just because I seldom see one plus I just love to say the name~~smile. josh

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Josh, I also have several sassafras trees at the edge of my woods it drove me crazy till I found out the name of it. Google has help me name a bunch of things by just putting in the leaves shape or colors.

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