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plantman71(7b/8a)May 16, 2013

Went store hopping today trying to find some more Sedum.
Didn't find the first one that I didn't have. Did find most of the plants in Centerpoint Walmart needing water very bad, even the cactus was needing water. Went by Lowes in Fulltondale and found a Giant Leopard Plant and some verigated Jades, so the Store Hopping paid off. What I was posting for, does anyone know where they sale some of the hard to find Sedum?

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plantman71, I too am a " store hopper " when I get a plant on my mind I will look till I give up and order it. Ordering is my last option , if at all.

If you will post the names of the Sedum that you are looking for , I would not mind at all looking for them while I'm hopping
the western section of Jefferson.

Sometime in the future I hope to have a sedum area. Their varying sizes makes for one of the best rock gardens ever.
I have also been known to dumpster dive to save a plant or get some pots..........joseph (bulzi)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I used to have a ton of Sedums in OH and can't find them in stores down here. They're so interesting looking, just the foliage. I must have interesting foliage and there's a lot of empty space in my new beds because I have seen few plants out there I want to buy. I'd buy 20 different Sedums today if I want to a store that had them.

If you're interested in trading or reimbursing postage, you can increase your collection much less expensively that way (than paying for plants AND shipping by mail ordering.) These plants travel easily. Wish I was in a position to offer! The last package I sent postage for arrived yesterday, about 30 different kinds of cuttings of succulents, a lot of which look like Sedums (but they all look like Sedums to me.) It took an hour to unpack and pot them all up, all for $6. I wasn't looking for hardy plants, and have no idea if any of these are are, but if looking to trade for those that are, you'd want to specify that in your requests.

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Joseph, I like to find good items, not just plants and pots in dumpsters. Thanks for offering to find sedum as you store hop. I am looking for any I don't have. I have about 40 listed and a few not. I also live in Western Jefferson,

Purple, I try to trade on both the plant forum and the cactus forum. I don't find many offering anything I don't have, and I do post for what I want. I don't ask for plants for postage, if anyone offers I will take them. I got in 2 big flats of cactus today, if I was more sure of names, I would try to trade them. I don't send any plants for postage when they are asked for, I do send some to trader who offer plants, but I already have them. I have been trading since 2002. If I see one of my good traders looking for something, I have been known to send it. I would love to get a big box of cactus cuttings, but I will not ask for it. That is the first rule on the forums.

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I have S. sarmentosum "Yellow Moss" which I don't see on your trade list. You have a "Gold Moss" -- not sure if that would be the same; it seems a few things go by that name.

If you ever get up to the Huntsville area you are welcome to grab a cutting or 3 if it's something you want.

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plantman, it appears you have >every plantYour name "plantman" is known in every zone for hunting and swapping plants. A reputation on the GW and in your own neighborhood - second to none. You make me green with ignorance.

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Check Andy's in Vestavia off Rocky Ridge Road and Collier's on Old Rocky Ridge Road. I was at both places a couple of days ago and saw a lot of interesting succulents.

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Alabamanicole-Thanks for the offer for the cuttings, if I ever get out of B'ham, I will stop bye. I haven't checked yet to see if they are the same.

bulzi-I do have a few plants, they have kept me alive. Most of my sedums are this years, so no cross pollination YET.
Thanks for the comment about my reputation. I try to give what I would want to receive. I also like to see my plant all over my area.

bamadave-I think I have been to one of the places you posted, but I will be going to both-Soon. Thanks


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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Call Warren's Family Nusery out in the Trussville/Clay area. They always have different stuff.

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Got to Colliers today. Got 4 new sedums, 2 new sedum type plants, 1 new banana, and 3 Alocasia. Went to one off Green Spring Rd. Got 8 new sedums and one look a like. Also one new Alocasia. Good store hopping day. My daughter was driving or we would have went on to Andy's. Another day of store hopping coming up. Oh, The prices were good also.

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last month, i was at our local lowe's garden center and saw an interesting plant grouping. the piece was some kind of mesh frame holding planting medium with many different (unnamed) sedum stuck into the tiny grids. there must have been at least 15-20 different ones in a rectangle that was maybe 12"x18"x2" thick. was probably made to hang on a wall. it looked very nice, was densely planted and was very colorful, like a painting. haven't been back since so those may be unavailable now. they are always bringing in new and different plants throughout the growing season.

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Jeff, saw the ones you are talking about. They were a pretty group, but I had all the sedum in them. Its getting harder to find ones that I don't have. Just had a good store hopping day this last go=a=round. I will be making some wall hanging out of my sedum.

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catbird(z7 AL)

Tony: When you get your wall hanging done post a picture. Would love to see it.

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