Grandfathers Tree Becomes A Bottle Tree

bulzi(8a)May 19, 2013

alabamaicole has one, plantman71 is going Grandfather Knight planted three cedars around his home in the 1920's. They survived until April 27,2011. One still survives as a bottle tree. (They were heavily damaged back in 1993 - The Storm Of The Century , but they survived.)

The bottle tree started with garbage left from the storm being hung off the tree stump. Later nails to hold bottles , bowling balls and odd n' ends left from the clean up. Somethings from garbage that others STILL bring and dump because they NEEDED a place to dump their garbage and dead dogs. Neighbors are sooooooOOOOOO nice here.

Reason for this post is for garden art lovers as are alabamaicole and plantman71....may there bottle trees grow with tender loving care....

hope it works....joseph

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I all ready have mine growing. Two years ago the dopeheads next door burned down their house. It got two of my big pecan trees several large hackberrys, all my shade plants, and two storage houses. It was up to my house before I could stop it. Long store short, My son, my son-in-law and I had just put in post to put in a fence between me and all the goings on next door. The fire got most of them, 4 was only partly burned. I had already put in some nail and hung some small bottles. I am looking for some longer nails to hang a big box of old coke bottles. I know I have the nails, somewhere. I wander how many of my coke bottles will walk off. Then I will have to add another limb to my tree. Since I never knew my grandfathers, I a making a Grandfathers for my grandkids.(Really for me)

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Can not imagine 'dopeheads' being anywhere but here. The fire had to put a lot of shock through your nervous system, seeing what you were losing and not knowing where or when it would stop. Traumatic. Dopers stripe their own home of copper and live in darkness. We have thought about a small community garden to get them slowly involved - nothing yet.

Life is full of sour happenings it seems, that can become very polarizing.

Gardening is great therapy for me - mentally and physically. I am aware that I shut down at times because so much needs to be done now (or what can be put off). This happens more often than I want.

Oh, "blue bottles" are suppose to capture the worst spirits my sis said. I am going for all blue now, because of living here. It would not surprise me to awake tomorrow and the tree be totally stripped.

I got radishes yesterday and the Dahlias keep coming up. I quit counting. Time to pot up some more rooted cutting this coming week. in the fast lane.

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My nekkid bottle tree.

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WOW, looks like a REAL tree. How far does the root go down. :) Wish that I knew how to 'computer' better.

I am looking for someone local to wield rebarb together to make more limbs for grandfather.

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It's on a slope, so the stand is buried on one side and the uphill end is stake down under that mulch.

And I'm still not sure it won't blow over one of these days!

I got it from Reseda Nursery; there is a guy that makes them for the nursery but I don't know his (or her) name.

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I can get started on my tree now. Bulzi, Thanks for the nails. It was good to put a face to the posting.

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Ditto, plantman....a most beautiful place. The shade you have is wonderful....U R for sure The Plant Man !, plantman71. NeVeR seen so many plants for one mans yard and bet you know the name of every one of them.

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