katluvrMay 5, 2011

Hello I would like to know if there are any serious cacti and succulent collectors near my neck of the woods?

east AL

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Not a serious collector, but I am seriously enjoying learning about them. I just became interested last summer. I have a few cacti, a variety of sedums, along with odds and ends of succulents. I especially love the rosette shaped ones. Most of the plants that I have are noids, but I am sure that as time progresses, so will that quality (and quantity) of my grouping :-) I live between Bham and T-town.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Yep, I am pretty serious about them, in fact I am listowner for Euphorbia_etc, a forum about succulent euphorbias. I mostly grow euphorbias (of course!) but also lots of miniature aloes and the usual assortment of other stuff. I am in Gadsden. Will you be at the swap next Saturday?

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Hello daffodillady, Please accept my apologies for taking so long to answer you back, I do not get as much computer time as I would like to have .I am trying to get a collection of cacti and succlents going again, when I moved to AL I had to give up my green house and worst of all I left so many wonderful plants behind, so I just kind of lost interest for a while but I just cannot do without them they are in my blood LOL!I know what you mean about the rosette shaped plants that was the first plant that got me hooked so many years ago, a little pot of hen and chicks (sempervivum)! I am hoping in time to meet other collectors where I can possibly swap or buy plants from, when I lived in Ga i knew every collector around atlanta and out side to but that was years ago, so here I am starting over having to buy plants from WM, Lowes HD or where ever I can run up on something unusual. I also wanted to ask you I am new to the Garden Web, I have seen the word noid? what does this refer to? Well I guess I have run on long enough I am not sure how far I live from you as we do not go towards Bham for anything, all tho I tell my husband that we need to see that neck of the woods!Thank you again for answering my inquiry.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

noid= no ID, identity unknown. I have to buy most of my plants by mail order and buy many from Arid Lands, in Arizona. There is a mail order nursery near Chattanooga, Oldmancactus.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Just a fyi....... Warrens Nursery located in the Clay, Trussville (east side of B'ham ) area has a small section in their greenhouse dedicated to cacti,etc.

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hello madabouteu, so glad you came back, i am new to this and did not realize that once i posted an answer to daffodillady, i could not post again to you, i wrote to you as well but was it rejected.Do you mind my asking what the listowner for euphorbia_etc. is? I have very vew euphorbias now except what i have bought at the big box stores tho i did run up on some beautiful crests a couple yrs back i bought them all! i used to buy mail order for many years abbey , arid, grigsby, altmans etc. I guess I will have to go back to mail order again.I have not heard of a plant swap, i wish i had known in time,it sounds great , are there many c&s for sale or other unusual tropicals? do you sell from your collection? would love to see pics sometime of your plants. well i am running on thank you again.

Hello bamatufa, thank you for the info on the nursery in trussville, i have got to check out places to the west of heflin, we always go to ga or north to collinsville and mt top.

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Looks like I am about 115 miles to the west and south of you, so we are not close neighbors- LOL. I will not be able to attend this springs swap, but should be able to make the fall swap. Everyone gets together about 10am at the chosen site, (different locations each time) and the trading begins. Some have set up trades beforehand, others trade on the spot. Most usually bring extras for last minute trades, or to send home with newbies. Anything garden-related can be offered for trading- pots (any kind), potting soil, books, old newspapers, seeds, annuals, perennials, statues, garden art, rocks- what ever you have. There is nothing for sale unless the swap is hosted at a garden center or other business.The trading as fast fun and chaotic. Afterwards many of the traders eat a meal together so that there is time for visiting. Sometimes it's a picnic, and sometimes it's at a restaurant. Try posting on freecycle, craigs list and local newspapers. I have met some generous people and recieved some nice (even if they are usually noids) pups and cuttings that way.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

katluvr, since you had trouble replying to me, write me at I have photos of some of my plants that I wil send to you off the forum. If we did want to meet, I go to Anniston/Oxford every so often to get crushed granite for my succulent mix anyway! Listowner means I moderate the list, and started it. I don't sell but I do give away plants! At the moment I have some miniature aloes from which I can get offsets.

Kenneth (Madabouteu)

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Hello! I have a few succulents that I need to rehome. I am in the BHAM area. I have aged plants that have "pups"-- I can't take care of them anymore and would like to place them in good homes. They need TLC. Please contact me if interested.
or text 205-585-three 8 zero 0

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catbird(z7 AL)

katluvr: You can post two consecutive message on the same thread if you change the wording in the subject line of the second one, as I have done above.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Katluvr, I will be talking on cacti and other succulents to a group in Centre on 11/16, if you'd like to come her it. For details, e-mail me at

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