Throwing in the towel on Sunpatiens

annam1966May 24, 2014

I planted six of these large beauties in a bed that gets about four hours of sun each day. Even with watering AM/PM they wilt in the heat of the day. The constant stress cannot be good for them and they are dropping blooms. I'm planning on moving them to full shade today. They are a huge disappointment and do not perform as advertised. Has anyone else had issues with these?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

When plants wilt in the heat of afternoon, it can be deceiving, causing the gardener to think they need more water, which is not always the case. If plants wilt in the afternoon but perk up overnight, they don't need more water. It's possible to overwater (rot the roots) of plants in the ground as well as potted plants. If too much water is causing the roots to rot, that would make it more difficult for the remaining roots to deliver enough moisture during the heat of the day to keep plants turgid. Checking for wilt in the morning is the best way to avoid overwatering plants that are only faux-wilted in the afternoon.

They can reportedly grow in full, all-day sun in TX.

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How long has it been since you transplanted? Give them two weeks to adjust before you throw in the towel. Don't move them again. Water them thoroughly once a day and let them adjust.

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Purpleinopp is right. Let us know how it goes before you throw in the towel. I haven't bought any yet myself but will be interested in how they do for you. Are you in zone 7 or 8-10?

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I have had 1 in a basket for 2 months in 6+ hours of full sun. At first it would flag down every afternoon, but now it has toughened up. I have to say they do not grow as lush and large as the shade lovers, but the blooms are a lot stronger and they don't get botrytis either.

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