Mystery Rose

scandia(7)May 21, 2006

A OLD house has been torn down about 8 miles from my house. I managed to get permission from the contractor/owner to dig up some old plants.

I dug up some daylily...not sure what it is, it has not bloomed yet, some bulbs and some roses.

I have seen this same rose growing like crazy in misc. wild areas..

The blooms are little (about an inch), multi petal, bright pink roses. And they grow into HUGE bushes. A friend of mine has a rose exactly like this pink one but hers are bright yellow. She said it is a wild rose...hummmmmm

I cannot post a picture right now.

Hopefully someone can help me identify the rose without a picture...Does anybody know what kind of rose this is???

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Do the roses look like these? I have no idea what they are but I see them along the roads.

The folks on the Name That Plant Forum may be able to id this one. You could also try the Name That Rose Forum.

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You may have the old Caldwell Pink rose. Do the older blooms had a slightly lavender color to them? Do a Google for Caldwell Pink. - Terry

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I can only comment about the rose in the above pic. It fits the description of the unnamed climber, blooming only once in the spring.Caldwell Pink blooms continuously from mid-spring until killing frost.
I hope that scandia will let us know if her found rose continuous to bloom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Unsung Hero in the Rose Garden

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I have seen this rose too growing along Hwy. 14 in Prattville. I went there a few days later and the grass was cut, and the roses were gone. :( I too wanted to ID it.

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