Plum Tree? With Burgandy Leaves

scandia(7)May 30, 2006

I have seen these trees in many yards and I think I want one or two.

My Husband says they are Plum trees. They have Dark Burgandy Leaves.

Is that right?? Are these trees with the burgandy leaves plum trees??? Does anyone know exactly what type of plum tree it is???

Are they easy to grow?? Does anyone have personal experience they would want to share??

Are they a full sun tree??

How tall do they get???

I am looking for a couple trees to plant about 15 feet from the front of my house. To shade the windows from the afternoon sun. I do not want them to get too big.

Any input would be appreciated.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Prunus cerasifera, Purple Leaf Plum. This is a tree that is prone to many insect and disease problems, you need to be warned about that. Very short lived, a genetic trait. They do best in near full sun conditions and could be expected to reach about 30 feet or so in height.

My neighbor has a couple of these trees, Scandia. They look stunning for about 2 months out of the year. That occurs in the early spring when they flower and then when they get their new foliage. Right about now, she is fussing over the aphids and mites. In a few weeks the Japanese Beetles will almost completely defoliate them, after which they will look horrible until the winter. She loses several branches a year to canker or other problems, too. This is a gardener who has a stunning yard, btw. These trees are her Achilles heel, I guess.

I have said many times that I appreciate HER Purple Leaf Plums because it keeps the Japanese Beetles away from my yard.

This plant would never, ever be known as problem/pest free....but as long as you know that in the beginning, you can make your decision about whether or not it's a good choice for you. Me? I 'try' to avoid plants with a long list of known problems.

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There is a purplr leaf plum which only grows to about 15 feet tall, has practically no pest problems and actually makes a medium sized fruit which you can hold up to the sunlight ans see through it. It makes the best plum jelly you have ever eaten. Unfortunately, Mother lost hers in the Feb 2, 1990 tornado in north Jefferson county. There is also an ornamental purple leaf plum which is prone to many pest. How about considering a red leafed crabapple. Blooms in the spring and is almost pest free. Birds love the little crabapples in the late summer.

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a remote possibility might also be purple-leaf sandcherry (prunus x cistena) with the same liabilities of the tree that dorie describes.
a red-leaved japanese maple such as 'bloodgood' or 'fireglow' would give you a similar color effect in summer and beautiful reds in the fall.

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