Bonsai Display at Bham Botanical Gardens

dnr24(7b)May 18, 2011

Did anyone else catch the bonsai display at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this past weekend? Beautiful trees! I did not realize that certain kinds of azalea can be used for bonsai. There were a couple in full bloom!

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That is something I wish I could have seen!

A couple of years ago, Jan's sister & her husband invited us to their house for a cookout. While there he showed me his bonsai collection, which included all kinds of shrubs & trees that you normally wouldn't think of as being bonsai "material".

When I expressed an interest but told him I doubted I would be successful, he quickly plucked a young Japanese maple from a pot, sheared it's roots, dipped it in "Super Thrive", potted it, and said "Here, it's that easy."

Now, every Spring I unpot the maple and do just as he instructed me, and the maple is still in the same little container. The point being...try it.

There are even some streaming videos on-line that show you exactly what to do, as Mark did. You might be successful with the most unlikely of plants. If you are please let us know!


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Thanks for the encouragement Nelson. I must admit that it really intrigues me. Have you been training your maple as well?

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