Your Favorite Garden Center

dirtyoldman(z7B AL)May 7, 2007

What is your favorite garden center in Alabama? Do any come to mind as being "the best" for getting a particular type of plant, such as herbs, fruits, perennials, native plants, weird stuff?

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D.O.M., my favorite is probably Myer's in Pelham, next to Anthony's Carwash. They have lots of regular and new stuff, plus pottery and garden ornaments. Everyone, including the owner, is so helpful and nice. For service, every nursery should be as customer oriented as Myer's. Collier's just off Acton road is very nice as well. They are pretty much just plants but they are eager to help you find what you want. I like Hannah's Garden shop at Hwy 280 - around the curve and east of Hwy 119 but they are just a little pricey.

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My 2 favorites are Petals from the Past (Jemison) & The Hub garden center (in McCalla). These 2 seem to have more unusual plants, or at least ones that most places don't have. They also really know their stuff! & always willing to talk & help. (also like Hannah's, on 280)

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I went to several last week before finding perennials I wanted at Collier's. Then I hit Andy's (near Vestavia HS) for another flat of lenton roses. $1 more per qt than Collier's. I think Collier's has the best selection in my immediate area and they are very helpful.

I was not impressed with the selection of perennials at Pike's - during any visit. Everything I wanted was gone (landscaping co had just wiped them out) or they didn't carry. I haven't been to Plant Odyssey in several years but it used to be the place for odd/unusual plants.

Hanna's is closest to me but I really don't like going there.

I like Myer's too but it's a bit far.

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For those of us new to the area, posting the cities these places are in would be helpful.

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Nicole, Myer's is in Pelham, near Anthony's Carwash and about 2 block north of Olde Tyme Pottery.

Collier's is at Acton Road off I-459 in Hoover. I believe the exit is # 15. It is the next exit north of the I-459/I-65 interchange. Go down by Krystal and McDonald's to the traffic light. Turn right and Collier's is on the left.

Hannah's Garden Shop is on Hwy 280 eastbound, about 1/2 mile east of the Hwy 280/Hwy 119 (since they have built $250K homes along the road, it is called Cahaba Valley Rd).

Petals from the Past is in Jemison, off I-65 south. They have a web site. I can go there but I don't know the exit number or road names.

I don't know Andy's in Vestavia.

Pike's in on Hwy 280 West between Hwy 17 (Valleydale Rd) and Inverness Pkwy, behind Superior Grill.

I'm not familiar with the HUB but McCalla is not a big area. I'll certainly find out where it is and visit it.

Plant Odyssey is on 6th or 7th Ave. South and about 26th St South.

These are all in the greater Birmingham area and should be easily found in the phone book. I'm sure you didn't mean it, but your post about location came across a wee bit snippy or impatient.

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Andy's Garden Center, link below, is off Rocky Ridge Rd on Morgan Rd. Andy's is on the left before you cross the creek. Vestavia High School is at the top of the hill.

Here is a link that might be useful: Andy's

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I'm sure you didn't mean it, but your post about location came across a wee bit snippy or impatient.

My apologies. Thank you for the additional information.

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I didn't take it as snippy and as someone who has lived in the Bham area all my life didn't think to give directions. Welcome to Birmingham, Nicole.

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Well, that's the thing... I don't live in Birmingham! So no wonder none of these places sounded even vaguely familiar.

Although I would much rather just be ignorant and have a bunch of great nurseries that I hadn't visited yet. :)

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Hi Nicole - where in AL are you?

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Well, head this way. Let us know when and someone will show you around. Just bring a large SUV! ;)

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I'm in Morgan County, so a day trip to do the rounds of the best nurseries in B'Ham isn't out of the question. My checkbook might complain, though... as will the dozens of plants I have still in their pots wanting to go in the ground first. :)

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Rosie and I both know about needing to plant things before we get more !!!! Haven't been to Rosie's lately but I have bunches to do!!! :O)
I know Petals would be a good drive for you but you will find such diversity there. I NEVER leave there without my SUV loaded when in fact I went for ONE plant I needed.
Have a great time and if ever by Prattville, I'm sure we can find something in my yard for you too.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Lynn is soo right - i am staying away from everywhere until i get everything in the ground that is currently on my property!!! I am soo with you Lynn on the BUNCHES to do!

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Hi Nicole,
I'm also in Morgan County and shop mostly at the nurseries in Huntsville. My favorites are Bennett's (the furthest from my house but worth the trip) and Earth Touch (south Huntsville. Let me know if you need better directions.


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So far I have been a little disappointed, so I will definitely look those nurseries up, thanks!

But first, I'm going outside now to dig a bunch of holes. My biggest problem is I keep deciding to put something somewhere, and then I go outside to dig the hole and overnight something has popped up there already and I don't know what it is...

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Petals from the Past in Jemison, Alabama, grows and sells native plants plus a gazillion of others, and my first choice.

Southern Homes & Gardens in Montgomery -- both locations, Vaughn Road and Wetumpka Highway -- most modern growing conditions in the world, and great selection of bedding plants, landscaping plants, garden furniture, indoor/outdoor decor, etc.

Meyers, Collier's and Andy's are my favorites in Birmingham.

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Someone here gave me more happiness than they can imagine, LOL. I live in Tuscaloosa and can't generally afford, nor do I like the 2 trendy nurseries here on the North Side of the River. But, someone mentioned a place in my own backyard I didn't know about -- The Plant Lady near Woodland Forest Elementary -- technically Duncanville.

The Plant Lady has awesome tropicals and she and her employees are darling to kids (novel!) and very knowledgable. They had stuff I haven't found anywhere and at reasonable prices.

Thanks for the recommendation someone on this board, and I give my vote for the Plant Lady! If you are looking for tropicals -- and unusual plants --- lots from Florida (like full Bottle Brush trees! varieties of palms, lion's ear, etc.) and they know what's hardy and what's not!


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In the Mobile area, the best place that sell palms, subtropicals & tropical perennials is Bayside Tropical Nursery, owned & operated by Danny Wilson. They carry almost every variety of palm hardy for the area and they focus on selling palms small enough to be loaded by hand into anybody's truck, which is a nice thing.

Across the bay, there's impressive Davis Nurseries right on Hwy 59 in Summerdale. Their palm display is almost overwhelming due to the size & stature of the palms. Of course, they don't sell just palms; they sell a variety of other plants as well. Not far down the road is Magnolia Nursery & Garden Center. I haven't visited the place, but what I have seen from the road looks very decent with a nice assortment of palms and other plants.

Forgive my focus on palms... I'm a palm enthusiast at heart. Well, I think I chose to focus on places that has impressed me with a nice variety of palms is because, truthfully, the Mobile area has many competing nurseries and garden centers and a lot of them don't really stock up on an assortment of palms. To put this into perspective, there are about five locally owned places where I can buy plants within 10 miles of where I live, but none of them have a nice variety of palms, just at most 3 species.

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You wont find better help and info than The Hub in McCalla. Old Tuscaloosa Highway. Phone 477-7740. They carry excellent plants.

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Each year, I believe in July, Petals from the Past, has a sale, 1/2 price off roses and most everything in the green house. People come from Georgia, Florida and Alabama to reap the dividends of native and other difficult-to-obtain plants that do well in our area. It is a wonderful sale. If and when it occurs this year and you want to attend, rise early and get there before the sun is high enough in the sky to bake an egg. There will be a lot of people there, if it is anything like it was in the past, but it is an opportunity to see beautiful plants grown locally that will do well in gardens in our area.

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hey nicole in decatur there is a little known place called sugar magnolias. the owner s name is amy is right next to foodworld on 6th avenue(hwy 31).i did alot of carpentry work for her.if you dont see what you want she can order it for you

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Thanks, Jonny, I will check it out. I go up and down 31 every time I go into Decatur and haven't seen it or a Food World, but looking at the Google Map I see where it must be.

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