anything different for shade?

topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)May 4, 2008

Touring garden centers I seem to see less variety and more of the tried and true...but I seek adventure! Has anyone any unusual plant ideas for my shade garden? I will try seed or plants, want perenials, and something different for a change. I,m wondering if anyone else has noticed the lack of variety in your thinking about raising some rare things to sell to other bored gardeners. If enough of us started our own unusual plants we could do more trading, too. PS. I'm zone 7.

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I bought this from a mail order because I want some color in the shade. Hope it gets big this year, it already has some little red buds on it. Hope to have some to share next year or the 3rd year in the ground. It is only a year old plant so I do not know how long it takes to put out seeds.


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YES ! I found a new book at the library called Southern Shade. I was so excited until I opened it. I have probably 95% of the plants listed and the ones I don't have are because I don't want them. Nothing new AT ALL. Linda

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Have you tried Petals of the Past in Jemison? They have a large selection of heirloom and unusual plants. I have bought several plants from them and am very pleased with the quality. Jason, the owner, is great in helping you find that special little something for your garden. Michelle

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