Blackberry help

Linda RossMay 27, 2008

I planted my blackberries last year and only got a handful of berries. This year they are nearly as tall as I am and loaded with berries. But the strange thing is there are three huge stalks that are very thick that have sprung up from the base of the berry bushes. One on each bush and they have no berries on them just lots of leaves and so much taller perhaps a foot or more than the other vines. What is the deal? Should I cut them off? Do I wind them around my blackberry wires, what to do? Actually, I am realizing I knonw very little about growing these.

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Blackberries are biennial. The first year a cane will just grow, then the second year that cane will produce berries and, then usually die. Each year you will have 1st year canes with no berries and second year canes with berries. Once the berries are gone, cut the 2nd year canes back to the ground. lmw

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Linda Ross

Really? There are a lot canes with blackberries on them, I cut all those with berries down to the ground after picking?

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