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roseofanothercolerMay 5, 2007

Hello!! I have actually been a long time reader, just not a talker. I love this formum. I have really learned a lot from so many of you already. BUT now I'm in need of some serious direction. I hope you all will have patience with me. I going to have many questions.

I have quite a few changes to make to my landscape (overhualing)and I would like to add many plantings, shrubs and beds. I love antique roses. They are my true garden love. Leslie aka Rosie

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debbido(z 7b/8a)

Glad to have you Rosie. I am NOT a rose lover, so I will not be any help in that area. Sorry!! Ask about native plants - I could help you out there! I am sure some of the gardener extraordinaires will be able to help you!


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Hello Deb...It is nice to meet you. I had a look at your exchange list. Wow you have been busy. I like native plants also. I hope to work a little bit of everything into my small yard. Thanks for take the time to say hello.
HEYYYY Whats not to love about old roses?..........Leslie

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debbido(z 7b/8a)

Ahhh! You see, to survive in my yard, you must be low maintenance...make that no maintenance. I have NOT been busy, and it is an outright shame. My dad (tony_pman) told me the other day that my yard was the worst he had ever seen it. I have been taking one bed at a time, but boy the rest look like h@!$ ("heck", get your mind out of the gutter!!!) Just kidding!

Wish you could have came to the plant swap today. We had a grand time.


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Patricia43(z8 AL)

Old Garden Roses are low maintenance. They have survived hundreds of years and will still be here surviving on what they can take from nature's care far longer than any of us.

Leslie, I love OGRs also and have quite a collection of them but not as many as I would like. Of course, I only have an acre.

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Where do you buy old garden/antique roses? I love the look of them!

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Petals from the Past nursery in Jemison is the best place that I know. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. Linda

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Will have to find Jemison on the map (I live in Foley). I go to Birmingham next week for work so on the way home maybe I can venture through Jemison (hoping it is somewhere between here and there). Thank you.

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Patricia43(z8 AL)

On your way back to South Alabama, or on the way to Birmingham, take exit 219 off I 65. Follow the signs to Petals from the Past. If you are coming from Birmingham, take exit 219 and at the dead end (intersection) turn right. If you are coming from Mobile, take exit 219 and turn left at the dead end (intersection). Once you have made that turn, you will need to turn left on the first paved road which is probably 0.8 to 0.25 miles from the Interstate. It is about 2 miles (more or less on your left). Once you turn off the interstate, you will see a restaurant, I think name of which is Sleepy Hollow, and you turn there across from that restaurant.

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Going there next Tuesday to shop and pick them out and pay for and hopefully they'll tag them and let me pick them up on Friday when I return. Thanks for the directions. I'm excited! In fact, I think I will start building a bed for them this evening. Thanks again.

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