Ticks and lyme disease

boomer2May 6, 2008

It seems everytime I go hiking with my family, we find a tick or two on us. How bad is lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in Alabama.

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Since 2001 there have been around 50 reported cases of Lymes disease in Alabama. Compare that to 16,000 cases in Connecticut during the same period.

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I have read that an infected tick must bite you and stay on for 24 hours before passing on the infection. If you check each time you go into the woods or work in the yard and get them off you should be OK. When I was growing up, the camp counselors would sprinkle a little sulfur in our socks to keep the ticks off. It seemed to work but it wrecked the socks.

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Tick Alert!!! Found my first tick in 2 years today crawling up my arm. It must have been a weed tick.... cause that's about all I have is weeds.

I flushed it. Yep,3 gallons of water for one small weed tick. What a waste.

Maybe it was a Rain Tick.....?.....

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