Too late to move phlox 'David'?

sinai(7b/Alabama)May 23, 2007

I was wondering if its too late to move a group of phlox "David"......I've heard that you can move just about anything anytime if you give it enough water etc.....but was wondering how it might effect blooming this year etc.....There are no buds formed on the plants yet but they are healthy looking and about 2 feet tall....thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice on this.


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Paul I have moved phlox for years whenever I felt like it. They have never died. The only thing is they will need water.

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Thank you mimidi......I moved them and so far things look fine......I watered them good the night before moving them and watered them well since then, even put up a beach umbrella over them the first day or two during the hottest part of the day. Again thanks for your help.


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Sounds like you have everything covered. You might not get the huge head of blooms this year but there should be no problem with the plants.

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