What a great time I had!!!!

DaisyMae43(Alabama)May 6, 2007

It was so good to see everyone and to be remembered and so warmly welcomed back. Thanks to Nelson for the bear hugs and the beautiful plants.....and to Susan and sister for their smiles and some more plants......to Terry for info on mullein (I still have to look it up) and the great conversation at lunch.....to Deb for babysitting my blue dish until the Fall swap....to Tony for the promise to come to my house and dig up my zebra grass (Nelson said he would come too, but only after Tony does the digging), and several others whose names excape me right now, but who were a part of a great Saturday. See you in the Fall!!

Irene (new email is appledarlin@yahoo.com)

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Well...tell ya' what Irene,

If you'll plan on attending the fall swap I'll save up another couple'a big ole bear hugs for ya! It was such a nice surprise to turn around and see your smilin' face! Don't ever stay away so long again!

Your friend,

Nelson (sending you some hugs right now)


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Irene, If you come back to the fall swap I will bring you some cala lily.

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Thanks Nelson for the hugs!! And, Jill, I would love some cala lily. I'll see you all in the fall, but for now, I'm off to Alaska with my daughter. It's 42 in Ketchikan right now.......brrrrrr.

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