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feathertrader(z8 AL)May 11, 2007

I ALWAYS go through the Garden centers when hubby needs a hardware item.

I found several racks 6 or 7 foot tall filled with plants they marked down to $30 a rack. They wrap the racks up with plastic and sell "as is".

Its not the same as picking up a particular plant that you really desire but then I have a great need for plants of color.

The rack I picked up had trays of Lantana, which I wanted in future. Plumbago, Lilies, Mexican Heather and assorted other plants, even a few houseplants. Their list claimed they would normally sell for $734.00. It was over 200 plants in all.

I immediately laid them out in a shady spot when I got home and watered thoroughly. Next morning everyone of the plants looked revived and quit happy. Only a few dried leaves on maybe 10% from neglect.

Already have plans to do some swaps with friends.

Also found an Australian Tree Fern marked down at the WalMart last week for $2.36. Admittingly he looked like he was on his last leg but he to has shown signs of survival.

I've got my weekend cut out for me.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

WOW - what a deal! Don't suppose your in Montgomery area?

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