?Grancy Greybeard Seeds?

tsmith2579(7B)May 8, 2005

I read the post about grancy greybeard from BDnBAMA. I am wondering if it produces seeds. With all of those blooms, surely it produces some kind of seed. Are they easy to germinate? When are the seeds ready to pick? Can I pick them and plant this season and have seedlings large enough to survive the winter? ... or should I wait until next spring to plant seeds. A home about 3/4 mile away has a GG in its yard and I was thining about asking them about seeds. Any advice? - Thanks, Terry

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hardygt(zone 7a)

according to Richard Bir's text, "Growing and Propagating Showy Native Woody Plants," the seeds are within the awful smelling fall fruit and require a double dormancy. Grancy Greybeard's are also very slow growing. They are getting more popular. I would opt for hunting one down in a nursery.

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hi terry,
i can't confirm the "awful smelling fruit" comment. mine makes quite a few seeds and i have never detected a smell, even after taking the seed from the pulp.
i have read that they are dioecious but there are some who seem to challenge that.
they are ready when they turn dark blue and begin to wrinkle. they do require a double-dormancy. plant them at that time and perhaps you will see some germination by the second spring.
i have a couple of small trees that grew from my tree's seed( i moved them into containers from beneath the tree). i wish i had known - i just drove through your area this weekend.
they are beautiful when they get big and have a wonderful fragrance. i posted a picture of my old specimen in the tree forum gallery. they develop a much better form and produce more flowers in sun but will grow in the understory.

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I keep seeing the dioeicious thing, too, but I have a single bush in my yard - no others within a couple of miles - and it has produced seeds the past couple of year.
I've not yet had any success germinating any - including a bag full of them that Jeff sent me from his plant several years back (or if they did, I lost/misplaced them).

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Thanks, Jeff, Hardygt and Lucky. You have been a lot of help to me. I'm going to stop this week and ask the "neighbors" if their tree makes seeds and if I can have some. Y'all have a been a big help.



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When you say "they require double dormancy", does this mean not to expect any sprouts until the second spring after they are planted? I thought all my seeds were gone, that the birds had eaten them but I look and found a handful under the tree. I put them all in a pot underneath the soil, not very deep and watered them. I have it in a sunny location. Have I done the right thing. Is not, please advise. I have two tree, both bloom but only one has seeds and it does not not look good at all.

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