Cat ate my 'homework' - please check trade list...

ourhighlandhomeMay 4, 2006

No joke here - Bobby resents me spending time on the computer and responds at times by climbing into the largest cubby-hole of the desk and shredding any paper he can find, which on one occasion happened to be my trade list. If I've omitted anything or anyone, please forgive me and refresh my memory :-)

Lynn: alocasia 'Portodora', gloriosa 'Carsonii'

Susan: canna 'Tropicanna', alocasia 'California', mondo

Wayne: juncus 'Curly-wurly', pennisetum alopecuroides 'Moudry' (black fountain grass), Salix caprea, Jasminum officinale 'Hardy'

Rosemary: alocasia 'California', Lygodium japonicum (climbing fern), morning glory shrub, lavender moonflower, Curcuma (unknown pink-flowering)

Alex: gloriosa 'Carsonii', hedychium 'Tara', crinum 'Americanum' (something else, wasn't there?)

Terry: how 'bout a dioscorea 'Discolor' (if they EVER break dormancy?)

Thanks a bunch!

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Nelson, thanks for offering the dioscorea vine, but I think I'll pass on it. THANKS


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Nelson, You were going to bring me Tropicanna, Tropicanna gold and Colocasia California. I don't need any more Mondo grass. Thanks, Susan.

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