Spring swap

elfs_garden(7a)May 9, 2014

Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow! We will be there between 10 to 10:30. Sure hope I have enough stuff to swap. I only had enough time to make 6 of the 10 I wanted to make! But I do have a few other things to trade. Night all.

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Just got home from a very enjoyable day. I really really enjoyed the swap. The food was great. And the plants were plentiful and generously shared. Everyone made me and my family and friend very welcome. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall if not sooner!

Thanks again for having us!!
aka Christine Shotts

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Glad you and yours had a good time. I really enjoyed meeting your family and friend. You all fit right in with our group. Next time bring something to swap. Looking forward to our next swap. Not looking forward to digging the holes to plant all the plants I got, just kidding, I love it. See you next time.

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Thanks Kris for inviting us to the swap. We had a great time. We really enjoyed meeting new people. Gwen

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I really enjoyed meeting all of you. The nautilus-decorated bottle you made just for me is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the clematis as well. Please come back in the fall so that I can return your cole-slaw container! Thanks for your generosity.


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I'm sorry we arrived so late. Just "Knew" that short cut would save time, what a disaster!

Thanks to Alice for the homemade bread, it was very good. Nice to meet Tony, Kris,. And to see Nelson, Wayne, Susan, Todd again.

All the plants that I received will be planted soon & enjoyed for years to come. Everyone there was generous with plants & advice.

Thanks to all. Joyce

I'm posting some pics, but something is wrong with my camera, people look 10-15 lbs heavier than normal. lol

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Gee, one at a time.

This is the Beaver Pavilion.

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Kris, Gwen and your family members,

You all were such a pleasure and brought such energy and enthusiasm to the swap. Y'all are now "family", of course, and everyone I've talked to looks forward to your company from now on.

And Joyce, it was good to see you again. Sorry about that "short-cut", but everyone was so relieved when you and your family arrived. And P.S. - it wasn't necessarily the camera that added all that weight to everyone, especially me (I really am 30 lbs. overweight, thanks to my recently-diagnosed thyroid disease). Oh well, they say fat people are jolly - well, I'm fat, but still waiting on the "jolly". ;-(

See y'all this Fall!


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Thanks for the kind words, Nelson.
My family did feel welcome by everyone.
I'm sorry to hear that you have a thyroid condition. Do you have to take medication for it?

We will take the long way next time, should arrive on time.


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