browneyedsusan_gw(8a)May 6, 2012

Thanks to all those who made it to the swap yesterday. It was lovely to see all my old friends again, and to make new ones. Willard just blew everyone's mind when he drove up with a truck load of Hippeastrums! The food was delicious and the weather was perfect. Everyone was very generous with plants, food and good advice.

I received many amazing plants-too many to list-thank you everyone! This time I took a bunch of plastic knives to tag them with so I didn't have to wonder what they were when I got home. Nelson gave me a Mormordica vine and Polianthes tuberosa bulbs that brought back memories of my childhood in India-thank you so very much!

I hope to see all of you again at the fall swap this year.


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Hi all,

It was a good swap, lots of plants were exchanged, and it was nice to meet people who have similar interest. Sorry some of you missed going, but we will do another in the fall.

I have a few things in mind to get ready.
One plant that I meant to take Saturday, was Syringa vulgaris, fragrant lilac. But it didn't get loaded in the car.

Thanks to all of you who gave me plants.

Susan, I think the Dicliptera suberecta & Salvia 'Coral Nymph' will be a great additions to my landscape.

Alice, I have been wanting the Amsonia hubrichtii bluestar ever since I saw a picture of that fall foliage.

Nelson, the Colocasia esculenta 'Coal Miner', is planted about 4 feet from the Giant elephant ear that I purchased from a plant sale in Gadsden. Is that to near each another?

Willard, my daughters, Celeste, Christine & I thank you for the Hippeastrums. They are lovely flowers.

Kenneth, thanks for the 3 agave. I lost the tag to one of the agave that I got from you. It has tiny whitish dots on it. Any ideas as to which one it is?

Todd, thanks for the leucojum bulbs.

I know I forgot some of your names, but I do thank you, & hope to trade with you again in the fall.

red50- Joyce

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catbird(z7 AL)

Joyce: Glad you were able to join us. You did well to remember people's names, let alone which plants you got from whom!

It was a great swap and we've certainly gotten the attention of some Etowah County Master Gardeners with the 150+/- Hippeastrum/Amaryllis bulbs from Willard and the four pots of blackeyed Stella D'oros from Susan, all of which will have to be potted up for our plant sale next spring. I went over to the MG greenhouse this morning and potted up 15 tall irises (blue-purple and white variegated flower) that I got at a prior swap (maybe from Nelson?). Thanks to all and see you in the fall.

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Hello Everyone...

It was really nice to meet everyone last weekend. I came home with some great things I am looking forward to seeing flourish in my yard.

I appreciate all the hospitality and the warm welcome! See you in the fall.


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catbird(z7 AL)

Susan: Your blackeyed stella d'oros won't make it to the plant sale next spring. They're going to a higher and better use at one of the Habitat Houses here that the Master Gardeners are getting ready to landscape. They will be appreciated and enjoyed, so thanks again.

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That's great!
I'll bring you some more daylilies in the fall. I have to divide several clumps.


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catbird(z7 AL)

Great. We'll make good use of them, too.

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Hi all,

Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, but one of my cats had to have her cancerous right leg amputated Monday, and I had carpel tunnel release surgery Tuesday, so it's been an "interesting" week.

Susan, I knew polianthes was indigenous to India, but had no idea about the momordica. I hope you enjoy both.

Joyce, if the giant elephant ear is like 'Thai Giant', 'Coal Miner' should be a nice companion for it. It spreads rapidly and gets a deep, velvety-black in full sun. Do you know the "name" of the giant one? And BTW, it was good to see you & your family again!

Alice, not sure if the tall irises came from me, but someone shared them with me years ago (in fact I believe it was Joyce). The foliage gets a good 4-ft. tall; the blooms can reach over 6-ft.

Kim & Mr. Briggs, we all enjoyed meeting "new" members and you both were very generous. I hope you'll both become "regulars".

To everyone, "Thanks!" for the food, trades, conversations, etc. We'll do this again in the fall. Wayne & Sandra are looking forward to rejoining us then.

Good luck this growing season, and "Happy Summer!" ya'll!


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Alice, Nelson,
Are your irises tall bearded irises? I have brought some TB purple and white plicatas to the swap before (they look like Loop the Loop) but they never grow above 3-4 ft. If they are taller or do not look like LTL, please bring me one in the fall. Other irises that grow tall are Iris sicula (aka Sicillian iris; goes dormant in summer)and giganticaerula (LA iris)which are sometimes white and purple. I collect heirloom/historic irises (and salvias, and daylilies, and elephant ears, and crinums, and hostas and......every new plant I see) Susan.

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I finally have my computer back and HATE that I missed the swap! It sounds as if you all had such a wonderful time!
My church had a work day and my family was in Fairfield working to clean up the landscaping at the middle school. It was a good time but I hated that I missed the swap.

If anyone is close to Hoover I have lots of unknown daylilies and a few other things. If not I will have them in the fall.

E-mail me as I never know if my computer will have issues agagin.

Here is a link that might be useful: my E-mail

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