sick angel trumpet

katcl(z7 AL)June 19, 2005

I got it last fall at a nursery and kept it in the garage over the winter. This spring I transplanted it to a large pot and put it where it would get sun until about 1:00. It started looking pale with the leaves turning yellow. I moved it where it would have more sun and now it's looking even worse and is losing leaves. I fertilized with Osmocote when I transplanted it and have used a liquid fertilizer a couple of times since. Is that too much fertilizer? I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

When I first set mine outside, all the leaves fell off...then they put out all new leaves and looked OK; until the last few days, and now they look sunburned. If I put them in the shade, they look healthy, but don't bloom. I can't seem to keep them watered enough not to wilt in the sun. Its a dilema.

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amywlash(Zone 7)

Check for spider mites, they can be a major problem. Look on the backs of the leaves for fine webbing, or take a white sheet of paper and shake one of the leaves over it. A mite will be very small but you can see it move on the paper.

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Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts with 2 gallons of water. Feed it every month. This will make it "green up".

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Their roots prefer cool soil, so a potted plant in full sun can lead to yellowing leaves/leaf drop. I use plastic pots and set them on a couple of layers of styrofoam to keep heat from transferring from the deck into the pots. This has helped tremendously.

Keep trying - they're worth the effort and you'll find the answer(s) you need!


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I have seen a lot of Angel Trumpets around here, all of them in the ground (not pot's) and they all look great, is there any reason that some of you are keeping them in pots? I have been thinking of getting some but from this post they sound kind of fussy.

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katcl(z7 AL)

Thanks for the suggestions of the Epsom salt and using the styrofoam. Although it's planted in a large pot, it is sitting on a concrete patio so the soil is most likely too hot. I'm going to give it a salt wash and put some styrofoam underneath. Thanks again.

Vickibre2003, the reason mine is in a pot is because I wanted to be able to see it from a certain window. I have also seen them in the ground and you're right, they look great and return every year.


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Brugmansias have very extensive root systems, and I'm very protective of my six-month-old, $2,000.00 field lines, to say the least.

Also, growing on my deck I can enjoy their fragrance both there and as it filters down into the back yard.

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bamamandopickr(7a/b AL)

My first angel trumpet has bloomed for the first time. Wow, it's so pretty. I'm surprised by the size of the blooms. Something has been eating the leaves, though. It doesn't look like the work of Japanese beatles, and I checked at night with a flashlight to see if I could spot a caterpillar. No luck. I dusted with Sevin, so maybe that will take care of them. I've seen the angel trumpets in pots at a local nursery....they were all yellow. My guess is the heat. Mine are both in the ground.

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Now I understand why you would put them in a pot, DUH !!! I also have plants in pots so I can see them from locations where I spend my time, guess all the Angel Trumpets I have seen around here have been in the ground so I never thought of a pot for some reason, I even see them in the ditch so unless someone planted them there they must seed themselfs easy.
The flowers are beautiful and I didn't even know that they smelled good too, any good places to buy them on-line or in the Albertville area ?

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Hi Vicki!

If you don't have any luck locating one this season, I'll be more than happy to send you some cuttings this fall. I have yellow (probably 'Charles Grimaldi') and an unknown white one, both of which are extremely fragrant.

Let me know...


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I just bought an angel trumpet plant. For the first 2 days, I had it in full sun and watered it almost twice a day. Then the leaves and the trumpets started to look parch. Right away, I moved the plant to a shady area. A day later, all the trumpets started to get brown around the edges and they do not open anymore. They've been like that for the last 2 days. Do the trumpets bloom only for a certain amount of time and then get new blossoms or do you think I got some kind of bug ruining my plant?
Thank you!

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