Dying Poplar Tree

alabama_jan(Zn8AL)June 2, 2006

My husband and I recently moved to Tuscaloosa. There is a poplar tree that is a line tree between us and our neighbors. The tree has been here about 10 years and has some height to it. When it leafed out this Spring, some of the lower branches were dead. Now more are dying. We have given it extra water during the hot weather. We have had two so-called experts look at it. One didn't have a clue and the other thought it was just natural dying back. I don't agree with the diagnosis as it is progressively dying on both sides of the tree and near the top as well as the lower branches where we first noticed the problem. Has anyone out there had a problem like this? I really hate to lose this tree as it gives us shade in the afternoon.

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Maybe the info at the link will help you identify the cause.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poplar insects and diseases

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The only visible problem with my dying poplar tree is that the leaves look wilted and are rolled up along the edges. There is no sign of gall, no oozing sap, nothing except the leaves and dying limbs. There are other poplar trees in the neghborhood (in fact developer put them on the lines between every lot) and the other poplar trees don't seem to be having a problem. I moved in house in August and the tree seemed to be fine. I really didn't have a reason to examine it closely but it could have had some dying twigs then. Right now with it hot and dry, I am watering it as the leaves indicate lack of moisture to me. Thanks for any help.

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