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red50(7b)June 13, 2009

Here is a link to my favorite weather website. I go to it almost everyday, because I blink during the T V weather & miss what is happening for the day.

During stormy weather or if I want to know if rain is near; I click on the Alabama radar, then under the term -(on the upper left of page)Reflectivity: click base loop. When the loop page is loaded, then click automatic update, it updates every 10 minutes or so.

You can put in your own zip code to get weather for your area.


Here is a link that might be useful: 7 Day Weather Forecast

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airydana(7b AL)

Thanks Joyce - this IS a good weather site, better than Did you have any storm damage last night? We were without power (Bham/Homewood area) and one limb down but no damage. Hope our friends made it through safe. -dana

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Hi Dana,
No storm here last night, we had some wind, because I found a pot of coleus had blown off the porch. We had some rain this morning, nothing major.
Later, Joyce

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I use that site.

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Hey Joyce, how are y'all. Thanks for the weather site. I never pay any attention to the TV or radio weather because they are always trying to get the best ratings by exagerating weather possibilities. I use to decide about heating the greenhouse in winter but I've saved your site to favorites so I can compare both. Hope you are having a great growing season. - Terry

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Nice weather site, but I get more information and better radar at Try the "WunderMap" radar link. It combines radar with Google maps so you can zoom in right to your street if you want.

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We had a heck of a mess Friday. My best friend lives down the road, and she had trees down, powerlines across the road and on top of her house. Sparking. I had to drive out of the neighbor and come in the back way to get her. I almost couldn't make it because the other way out of my neighborhood had a tree blocking most of that road. The police had the road by my friend's house barricaded because of the lines. We trudged through the rain to her house and got her out.

She got home today to find ANOTHER tree had fallen and just missed her house, only skimmed her deck.

Thanks for the weather link! I'm adding it to my favorites.

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Hi Terry,
I'm doing OK, but I'm late on planting my veggie garden, & mulching my other plants. Maybe some day I will catch up. The purple monarda that you gave me is in bloom, looks great.

terramadre & sundog, thanks for the info. I did checked out wunderground, I'm sure I will use it as back up when the NWS radar is doing maintenance or is down.

Shana, sorry to hear about your friends' trees. What kind were they? Is her home OK?

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