Plumeria availability in B'ham area?

john_trussville(z7b AL)June 13, 2013

Has anyone seen Plumerias in any of the nurseries around
B'ham this year? In the past I've seen them at Hanna's on 280, and at Warren Family Nursery in Trussvile (formerly Leath's), but can't seem to run across any this year. There is a little mom & pop nursery on Morgan Rd. north of Helena that has several large specimens and he has given me two cuttings that I've rooted. A friend who lives up in Pinson by Emerald Lake gave me one last year. Hoping for my first blooms this summer, but have no idea what colors I'll have.

So, I currently have three growing in pots around the pool but would like to have more. Please let me know if you see any around.


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john_trussville(z7b AL)

ok, it's been a week.

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John, You asked about a plant I know nothing about. One of my traders wanted one of my Yellow Chinese Bananas. He brought me some plants in exchange, 2 of them were plumeria. I have them planted outside. Long story short, He grows them. He has sold them to Libbys and other places. It is time for him to be dropping by. I will get phone number for you if he has any. If you want these two, I like to trade.

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john_trussville(z7b AL)

plantman, I'll send you an email later today.

thanks for your response!


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