Magnolia Trees

shavoeJune 7, 2006

Hi Rhizo,

It's Sharon with the re-located magnolia trees. We successfully moved the trees from Atlanta to Birmingham. We followed your directions and put them in huge pots, kept them in the shade for awhile watered then every other day and they SURVIVED. They lost a few leaves and some of the bottom branches have died, but they are growing new leaves and blooming like mad. Thank you for all your help!!

Now for the final leg of this journey. Our house will be complete at the end of the month. Should we leave them in the pots until fall or chance planting them the first of July. After all of this, I would hate to lose them now. What do you suggest?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I would let them be in the containers, Sharon. They haven't even BEGUN to regrow a substantial portion of the root system they left in the soil, and living for awhile in containers will help them to do so. Within the confines of their new 'homes', I believe that that they are likely to suffer far less the difficulties of warm weather, growing season transplantation. As your temperatures begin to cool and day lengths shorten (October or so), you can 'harden' your plant to the sunlight (if they are going to be growing in full sun). By the time you are ready to plant in November or December, they should be sitting (in containers) in the general vicinity of their proposed sites. Remember, the less stress you put your transplanted trees through, the more likely it is that they will sail through all of this in good condition.

Keep an eye out for insect problems at this time. While trees are in the process of making new roots, they do not have the energy resources to allocate to pest defense. I've seen powder post beetles take out newly transplanted magnolias, for example.

Keep them sheltered from the sun....your worries aren't over yet, you know. But I would certainly feel encouraged at this point. Don't blame you for doing so! Let us know that they are still doing fine in July!

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