rain !!

lsmcw(7b-AL)June 2, 2007

Got an inch and a half in North Walker County last night. After a whopping quarter inch for the whole month of May, this was a blessing. My garden is SOOOO happy today. Linda

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I came home from running errands no more than 10 miles from home where I saw about 14 drops of rain all day. I did my best to make it rain... I watered everything this morning AND washed the truck.

First thing I saw when I came home was "hey, what's that puddle in the driveway?" Excited, I went out to the garden to a fallot spot where I hadn't watered and dug down a good 6 inches and it was wet, but not compacted. Based on that and a bucket standing outside, I'd say we got about 1/2." It's probably just as well I wasn't home or I would have freaked out the neighbors dancing outside int he rain. :)

There's a storm north of here drifting south, so maybe we'll get some more.

Looks like southern Georgia is getting some good rainfall -- should help out with those fires.

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Wonderful rain. Nothing like. A friend of mine told me yesterday she had killed a snake and her husband had placed it over a fence. There is an old saying that if you place a dead snake over a fence it will rain within a given time. It hasn't worked yet. We did have lost of thunder yesterday and last night but no rain.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We had our showers on Monday evening; one early in the evening and another one later on! That second one was a surprise! There isn't a better way to get some good infiltration than to have a second rainstorm (or irrigation cycle) to 'push' that first soaking deeper into the ground.

The big trees in the neighborhood have all perked up....they were in wilt. After the freeze that took the spring foliage of most of them, they won't be able to withstand much more drought. I expect to see community trees begin to die.

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I hope every in north Alabama is getting some today. I'm down at the very southern tip of this storm front -- I got about a 10 minute tease this morning and just now about half an hour of nice steady rain. It's cleared up now: not enough rain, but at least it's some.

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We got a good rain yesterday afternoon and this morning everything looks so good. The sky is clean and the air is fresh. What a difference rain makes.

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The first rain since sometime back in April! How wonderful. We got about 1 1/2" of good steady rain. We could use some more but I won't be greedy.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

we got a total of about 1/2" over 2 days - maybe a little more b/c we did get some hail (it melted - water is water) - it was baby sized but still damaged some plants....i am ready to do rain dances or whatever..

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