Yeeee Haaaaaa....rain, rain, rain.....:)

tweetypye(z8/sc AL)June 19, 2007

Hope you are all getting some of this beautiful wet stuff!!! I haven't seen it rain like this in months!!!!


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Carol Henry

I haven't either and I wish it would last for days.

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bama35640(Z7A AL)

Gotten a little over 1/2 inch here today. About time! I had 175 ft of trenches dug Sunday so I could expand my sprinkler system and all that came out of the hole was dust. Brought the pond up about an inch or so only 30 more inches to go until it is full again.

Bob in Morgan County

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Working on about 1/2 here, too. Wish it were more, but at least it was nice and gentle and gave everything a nice soak and a break from the heat.

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Counting last Thursday afternoon + last Friday afternoon + today's rain makes for 7/10 inch in less than a week! Still not the drought-buster we all need, but right now I'll take all the rain I can get. Keep praying, folks. It really works.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

We ended up with a whole inch in the gauge! The most I've seen in weeks. And it came in the form of several nice slow showers so everything got a good soaking. I'm so thankful for it, and I sure hope we all continue to get more as needed to reverse this awful drought.
Glad to hear more of you got some much needed moisture also.

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i was all giddy today because we got rain and now they've just annouced a water restriction in montgomery. i have an odd numbered addy so i can now only water on mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

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0.2" last friday and 0.7" yesterday in historic downtown loachapoka (auburn area). i haven't mowed since sometime in april and oddly looking forward to that again!

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I'm delighted that you all got rain. In north Walker County I didn't even get ONE DROP!! I work in Bham and it poured - couldn't even see the building across the street. I could have cried when I got home. A branch on one of my Bottlebrush Buckeyes is already turning gold - everything is shutting down early. I'm about ready to bushhog the whole yard and spread gravel to keep the dust down! Linda

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