hawaiian white ginger planting

QueenBee52(z8 SE AL)June 19, 2005

my friend got me some hawaiian white ginger from her moms. i have browsed the net but found no particular planting instructions. sun-part sun-shade? should i plant the entire thing- foilage and all- or just the ginger root part? this is my husbands favorite flower so i really want it to do well. thanks

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eken9966(z8 AL)

I usually plant my butterfly gingers with the rhizomes a couple of inches below the surface of the ground. This helps to keep them from falling over while they are getting established.

I have better results when I give the butterfly gingers morning sun and afternoon shade or full sun morning and evening but shade thru the midday hours. I also have some growing in almost full sun. They grow into a stockier plant that way, but they just aren't as nice looking. No matter which, they are bound to multiply and then you can put them in lots of locations until you find one they really like.

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Eken gives good advice. The ginger bloom is like ice cream, they seem to melt in the hot sun. Give them afternoon shade if possible.

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QueenBee52(z8 SE AL)

thanks a bunch guys. i think i have just the spot!

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Hawaiian ginger bulbs grew great! Now what? Do I cut down the dead stalks at the level of earth? A few inches above? What else do they need? I need all of the help I can get!

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You can probably just pull the dead stalks off of the rhizomes for easy cleanup. If your rhizomes have become exposed overground, cover them up lightly with soil. Hedychiums love water and fertilizer once they have become established. If you water too much before they get going good the rhizomes will rot.
I have most of my hedys in full sun because they do get plenty of water. Those that have too much shade have less than good results for me.

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Brought my "hawaiian white ginger in 2 weeks ago and it is doing fantastic, never thought I could grow this plant here in Ohio, just ordered a red ginger plant...hope it does just as well

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