Bermuda grass invading my Zoysia

mosscove(7)June 22, 2010

Is there any way I can eliminate the bermuda grass that is trying to take over my Zoysia? Aside from digging up the whole yard?

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I wish I had an answer. Bermuda is invading the expensive St. Augustine lawn I installed, as well as my flower beds.

I choose not to use herbicides since I have several cats that munch on anything that looks like a grass blade. I've dealt with one cat who ingested poison (whether it was a weed or weed killer), and it's too, too, much of an expence. When the manufacturer of the herbicide I was using couldn't guarantee it's safety, I deemed it way too much of a potential expense to continue it's use.

I just waste a lot of time pulling weeds (primarily Bermuda grass).


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I find this interesting. Most of my lawn is assorted weeds and grasses including bermuda, centipede, and other -- but the section on the other side of the driveway (concrete) next to the neighbor is solid St. Augustine which has spread. The bermuda and even the creeping charlie can't compete -- the only thing that can is patches of mondo grass I see in my neighbor's lawn.

I wonder if it is site specific or that the St. Augustine is old and very well established? I was thinking of taking plugs this fall and starting to seed the other side, but if it isn't going to take over it might not be worth the effort.

(But I am kinda partial to creeping charlie... if it would just finish conquering my lawn I wouldn't ever have to mow again.)

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catbird(z7 AL)

Nicole: It would be hard to establish the St. A in the other side of your driveway unless you can kill off everything (including the creeping charlie) first, then mulch between the plugs and spread preemerge herbicide to keep the weeds from getting a new foothold. If you just love weeding, you could skip the herbicide, but my choice would be to keep applying it every spring and fall till the grass fills in.

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My land slopes into a stream, so random spraying of chemicals is a no-go.

So I guess I'll keep rooting for the creeping charlie's attempt at yard domination. :)

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