Recycling Bag Chairs

gruber(7-8)June 16, 2011

"Bag Chairs" , that's about the best name I can come up with for these new carry anywhere folding chairs.My experience with them is that if anyone larger than a Prima Ballerina and with none of her grace lands on one a little hard you end up with a bag of scrap metal and some torn cloth.Well friends if Bubba KOs your favorite chair at the outdoor concert after going over his limit of beverages.Don't chunk it in the trash,take it home with you.After dismantling the gnarled carcass,the metal rods make great long lasting "plant stakes".I used some today and strung some small green rope between them to hold up my cutting plants....OH and by the way,when Bubba sobers up smack 'em in the head...tell 'em to be more careful.

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Thanks for the tip - I may be killing two of them - not because of Bubba, but we have them set up out on the patio by the pool, but it seems like every slight breeze knocks them over. I'm too lazy to keep picking them up (or putting them away and taking them out when I need them).

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