Peonies in Alabama

WayneAlabama(8A/7B)June 2, 2012

Any ideas about how to grow Peonies in Alabama? I got some Peonies last year at a local store and really liked them. Have read more about them now. Understand they need cold (I live in North Shelby County, Alabama) and they may not do well some years, but also the heat can get them. I had the idea of keeping them in containers and moving them to the shade when it gets really hot. Also, I got dahlias at the same time, got confused, dug them all up. Now everything is coming up in pots and I cannot seem to tell the dahlia from the peonies. Any ideas about how to identify them before they bloom?

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I bought a peony at the Birmingham Botanical sale several years ago. Planted in the ground in full sun with no problems! I have found mine to be very tolerant of heat and requires very little maintenance. It may depend on the variety you select, but I haven't found heat to be an issue.

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catbird(z7 AL)

What I have found with my peonies is that they must have good air circulation. I think the problem in this area is more likely to be humidity than heat, so be sure to plant them where they won't have anything tall growing close by.

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Peonies need between 100 and 400 hours of cold weather under 40 degrees to properly set buds. These are a list that need less chill hours:

Da Fu Gui�/ �Great Prosperity�
�Lian Tai� �Budda�s Lotus Seat�
�Qi Hua Lu Shuang Mrs. Frost �
�Shan He Hong� Red Mountain and Red River
�Gold Dotted Red�
�Festiva Maxima�
�Paula Fay�
�Red Magic�
�Sarah Benhardt�
�Shirley Temple�
�Sword Dance�
�Yang Fei Chu Yu�
�Fen Yu Nu� �Pink Jade�
Fairy Princess
Abalone Pearl
Miss America
Zhu Sha Pan � Red Cinnabar
Fen Pan Cang Zhu � Red Pearls in Pink Tray
Pan Tuo Rong Hua- Narrow Petal on Plate
Tao Hua Huan Cui
Purple Jade Zi Fen Yu
Snow on Peach Blossom Tao Hua Fei Xue
Beautiful Wrought Jade Qiao Ling
Garden Pink Zhao Yuan Fei
Bright Sunshine Qing Wen

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They have quite a variety of peonies at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and they are lovely. They are planted in partly shaded/dappled sun areas.

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