There's something really freaky attacking all my plants!

squirrellypete(z7b AL)June 22, 2006

I've heard people talk about it before but I never actually thought I'd see it. It's clear and wet and coming down in buckets!!! Should I be concerned? Isn't this like one of the signs of the apocalypse or something lol?

To anyone who was doing rain dances it finally paid off over here in Heflin. Oh happy day!!


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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

I know, I know!!! We actually got almost an inch this afternoon too! I think all my plants are smiling about now, I know I am. There is still a chance of rain in the forecast for the next 7 days, also. Sure hope we all get more of that glorious stuff!! :)

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catbird(z7 AL)

Please send some of it over here to Gadsden! Our part of town is still dry as toast.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

I'm wishing rain your way catbird!


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We got a good 30 mins. of rain today, I know I will be real happy by the time my water bill gets here.

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Freaky is the right word. All around me got heavy rain yesterday afternoon but I didn't get enough to settle the dust underneath the trees, here in Riddles Bend.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

That's how it's been for the last 6-8 weeks or so tedp2. We can see the rain clouds a few miles away all around us, hear the thunder and actually see the sheets of rain pouring to the ground off in the distance yet the sky above our heads would be clear and the sun beating down that 95 degree heat. Thank God for a little reprieve -- hopefully you'll get yours soon too.


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