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jeff_alJune 8, 2013

growing in my neighbor's yard for many years. she prunes to the ground each winter so only root-hardy in my area. it is erythrina crista-galli or one of the coral beans. i have not seen another one in cultivation around here but they might be more common in gardens further south of me.
it is attractive to hummingbirds. also armed with sharp thorns. the shrub in the photo is about 4' tall and 6' wide. a member of the pea family. i like it but don't think i have a good spot for one in my (mostly) shady yard.

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Hi Jeff,

I saw this flower as a small child and it mesmerized me somehow. Finally got e. 'bidwillii' when I started gardening, but it got massive, sprawled everywhere, and had thorns from hell, so I had to remove it. Got e. 'herbacea' from Wayne a couple of years ago at the swap, and it is now about to flower. Both seem very hardy here. Commonly known as "fireman's cap".

For the health of her plant, why don't you offer to divide it for her and bring me a start at the Fall swap! ;-D The one I saw as a child belonged to a friend's mother. When she died two years ago the plant was still alive.

Thanks for the pictures - they're beautiful and bring back lots of memories.


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The lady up the street has one blooming. She calls it her Shrimp plant. I call it pretty. Tony

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hi nelson and tony.
sadly, the neighbor passed away this past easter weekend but her son is looking after her home and i am sure he wouldn't mind if i collect some seed from it this year, assuming it makes some.
gardening is not one of his interests but he is glad to have someone in the neighborhood keeping an eye on the house until he decides what to do with it.
it does not seem to produce seed most years but it does occasionally.
if i find some, i can send to you.

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