They're heeere...

alabamanicole(7b)June 3, 2007

I saw my first Japanese beetle today in Morgan County. Here we go again!

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I spotted them last week. I hung up Beetle Bags - purchased at WalMart and have caught a ton in only 24hours.

Someone on another forum told me the bags would attract the bettles for miles and to put them down the road from my house, not on my property.

Anyone know if this is true?

My parents have a lakehouse across the dam from us - she had them last year, I didn't. Now I have them and she doesn't. I don't understand that either!

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applepatch(z7 alabama)

We put the bags up 2 years ago and were told the same thing.Took the bags down and now we only have a few.There are plants that they loveee.We cut down our porceline vine because they love the tiny flowers on it.For the last 2 years have not seen but a few.We also pick the ones that we see and put them in soapy water.We also put down milky spores to kill what it will.Hope this helps.Paulette

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They say the bag traps to more harm than good, unless you can get everyone in the area to put them up and keep them well away from plants you don't want them near.

I'm surprised, I figured once I saw one out on the grapevines, I'd have gobs in days, especially on the peach trees. Not yet.

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I went outside the past two days and haven't seen any beetles, so I do not think the bags are calling more into the yard. I'm going to take them down later since they are almost full and we got a hard rain yesterday afternoon (yea!).

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