michelle11(z7 AL)June 20, 2005

Does anyone know what variety of lantana produces the bright red flowers? I got some Dallas red and was disappointed that it was mostly orange and yellow.


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applepatch(z7 alabama)

Have you fed it? I have the same lantana in three different places in my garden and all three are different from each other.The only thing I can think of is there may be different amounts of fertilizer around them.They are not in the same beds and I do use different kinds of fertilizer on my beds.It depends on what I have planted in them.Paulette

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This is interesting. I planted 'Dallas Red' for three years straight after it came on the market (it was, obviously, not hardy for me. LOL!). Each time after a couple of weeks the blooms began opening primarily in orange & yellow tones.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased four 'Confetti' lantanas, only to have the newer clusters of blooms open fuchsia after a week or so. However, I grew 'Irene' for years as a perennial and it always came back "true".

If anyone can explain this "changing of color" to us I'm sure we'd all be most appreciative.

Hope ya'll are having a great summer....


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

I purchased a variety last year called 'Irene'. It was a very pretty true red variety and I think it may have had a tiny yellow eye but red was the predominant color. It stayed true to color for me all year. I fully expected it to die but one of the three plants actually overwintered in the ground with mulch. I'm hoping it will continue to do so with a more established root system but we'll have to see.

Sincerely, Squirrellypete

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WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)

I got three Red Lantana from our local Wal Mart last summer for 25 cents each. Here in Mi no one even knew what Lantana is, so no one was buying them. Put them in my Alabama garden last fall, and this spring they were up and growing well. Will let you know when we return in the fall, IF they stayed RED. P.S. Altho I am in Mi my heart is in Dixie.

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starla756(z8 al)

My Dallas red opened up orange and yellow too but,they turned red.

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I kept Dallas for several years and it always came true to color. I like the yellows, purples and reds, but I love my yellow/orange Miss Huff and the lavender/pink with cream centers varieties which have been reliably hardy for me.

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