Dwarf Hydrangeas

jbranch(7B Alabama)June 24, 2008

Since not many replies to my very handsome hostas, I will post a picture of a new endeavor of mine - hydrangeas. I have 5 mopheads in my yard right now, cuttings of one that my late mother-in-law gave us. I have an area in my front yard where I needed a shrub and I like hydrangeas, but can't get one that is too big there. Bought a Pia dwarf hydrangea and a Milthida Gutes dwarf from hydrangea.com. The Pia is shown below. My MG has not bloomed yet :-(. What other good dwarf mopheads are out there?

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I love Hydrangea's also. Very healthy looking plant.

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I have several hydrangeas. The lacecaps are Lady in Red, Lanarth, and Blue Billows. The mopheads are Endless Summer, Blushing Bride, Mini Penny, Annabelle, and Lemon Daddy. Then I have oakleafs and Limelight.

The Mini Penny would be the dwarf, but it's new so I can't really give you a good evaluation yet. :) Your Pia is certainly an attractive hydrangea. I'll have to look into getting one of those.


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Oops...forgot to mention our Nikko Blue mophead...not a dwarf though. :)

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

By the way, I was very pleased with the quality from Hydrangea.com. I got these two hydrangeas within a week of ordering and they arrive in great shape.

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Why stop with dwarf mopheads? Get a dwarf oakleaf - "Pee Wee".

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

Esh_ga - I plan to get a Pee Wee, have not found it yet locally, and I did not see it on Hydrangea.com, although I could have missed it. I should probably Google it and see who sells them. I want to stay with mopheads in this particular garden and need one or two more.

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Ok, glad to hear it. Another dwarf one is a sport from 'Pee Wee', it is called 'Little Honey'. And 'Sikes Dwarf' is another if you come across that.

I would hope you could find 'Pee Wee' locally, Oakleaf hydrangea being the state wildflower! I just love the oakleaf hydrangea. Good luck!

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

Thanks ESH. I live about 10 minutes from Aldridge Gardens, a botanical garden in Hoover, a suburb of Birmingham. They specialize in hydrangea and have hydrangea sales a few times a year, but I always seem to miss the anouncements. They should have some of these. I have used the internet for my two recent purchases simply because of the convenience. I have been to several nurserys locally and only see large mophead hydrangeas. I have seen only one oakleaf and it did not look very healthy. I have copied your list and saved on my computer thanks for the info.

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tedevore(7b Al)

Hi jbranch,

I got a sikes dwarf oakleaf hydrangea this year from Meyer's nursery, and
Collier's nursery had lots of PeeWee and other kinds that looked good, and
their plants are always in good shape.

I also live in Hoover close to aldridge, and you are welcome to to take cuttings of any of the hydrangeas (or any other stuff I have!)
I have Snow flake and sikes dwarf and plain old Oakleafs.. I have and have cuttings rooted of:
H. serrata "Fuji Waterfall", 'Blue billow", "Preziosa", and "endless summer" mophead type. I like to trade and give divisions to nice people right around here locally, and still always have a list of stuff for our swaps. Sharing stuff is the way to go, especially cost-wise.


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let us know if you find 'little honey' locally.
i have wanted that one since i first heard of it.
it was discussed on the hydrangea forum some time back ('05) and the photos of it look nice with yellow/chartreuse foliage during the growing season and typical oakleaf fall colors.
according to a post by a person in the hort. industry, there is only one licensed propagator for it and they use tissue culture, making it a slow process to build stock.
a mac that i grow which has remained small is 'domotoi'.
sources say can grow to 5' but mine never got over 3'.it has semi-to-double-flowered clusters, pale blue in my soil.
found it at a box-store garden center.

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jbranch, I have definitely heard of Aldridge Gardens - you are in Oakleaf territory for sure. You should take advantage of todd's offer. I have reasonably good success with cuttings - I take them in May and get part old wood and part new wood (I tried only new wood and didn't have much luck). The 'Pee Wee' that I have was a cutting from my neighbor's, as a matter of fact.

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

Todd - is it too late/hot to get cuttings? I have done this before, about three years ago and they have grown a lot, but have not bloomed much. Don't know what time of year is best to work with cuttings. I live in Pelham.

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

Think I got that name right - Mathilda Gutes is one that I got from Hydrangea.com and it has grown well, but not bloomed yet. Was wondering why? Do hydrangea bloom at different times of the year. I can get a photo of it if necessary.

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