pfllh(8Al)June 23, 2009

OK I have bunches of lantana. The clusters of flowers are a bright pink with deep yellow almost gold flowers. I'm trying to identify because I don't want most of it and giving away. Miss Irene or Miss Huff?????? Thanks

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Miss Huff has orange in it, so if you're not seeing orange, I don't think it's that.

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probably rainbow lantana. i have a love of any and all lantana and get whatever looks new each spring. texas red is my fav.

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Can you tell me if lantana is a a perennial here in Birmingham? I've read various things so I'm not sure. I'm wanting to put about 30 white lantana around the edge of our drivewway circle and I don't want to invest that kind of money if they won't come back.

Thanks for any help --

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tedevore(7b Al)

Donvon, there seems to be only a few varieties of lantana that come back
pretty reliably every year. "Miss Huff" is one that lots of garden centers carry.
I got mine at collier's nursery here, and it does come back every year so far.
There are no are no white or red varieties that are as hardy that I know of.
I would be interested to know what makes the few kinds are a little more hardy as opposed to the others, but a botanists or a horticulture expert might tell me something I wouldn't understand--I think the hardy ones are species "lantana camara" and the less hardy a different species?

I like them all!

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airydana(7b AL)

I don't know the correct names but I can tell you that my Gold Lantana comes back each year in Bham. I DO mulch it very well each late autumn and start fertilizing around April. I also have a some multicolored lantana that come back.

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b'ham being a little cooler than the dothan area where i am taken into account, all my lantana comes back. i got white last year but i do mulch pretty heavily around the plants. it popped back up this year and has really spread. it doesn't get tall but spreads like the purple and texas red and gold does. i have a few of the old fashioned kind and i really have to cut it back. if you mulch around the plants heavily you should be ok.

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