cdposey26(AL/7)June 9, 2008

Ok, since I have planted my garden and redone my flower beds it has only rained once. It looks like maybe we will get a little rain this week, hopefully anyway. I was wondering how often you guys water, especially in the heat we have been having. I have been watering daily and giving everything a good soak 2 to 3 times a week. My main concerns are my vegetables and herbs, butterfly bush, lantana, and my coleus. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Things look to be doing ok, a little droopy at times, but other than that I think ok. I just dont want to over or under water.

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well, it has rained a couple days in a row now, so maybe my question is mute.

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john_trussville(z7b AL)

Telling you how often and/or how much we water would be of little help to you, really. We all have different soil types, different sun exposure, plants with different watering needs, raised beds, shallow beds, etc, etc. There are just too many variables involved to give you one definitive answer. I guess the best thing to tell you is: read up on what your individual plants need, get to know how quicky different areas of your yard dry out after watering by digging with your hands & squeezing the soil for moisture content. Pretty soon you'll get a handle on how much to water & how often. You may kill a few in the process, but don't worry, we ALL have. It's the only way to learn. Hope this helps, at least a little.

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