Need help w/ petunias

heather_in_bamaJune 22, 2008

I'm a beginner gardner, so please forgive me if this is redundant (I have also been all over this site looking for my question and can't seem to navigate my way around here).

I planted wave petunias in many addition to the few caterpillars I have (I used diatomaceous earth and it handled it fine...)there seems to be a strange leaf pattern emerging. I don't have the full green leaves anymore on the newer growth. Instead, what I have is this strange, spindly looking 5-pronged greenery with a bloom in the center. The "bloom" doesn't actually bloom, though. They have turned brown, hard and actually look like they are bursting (reminds me of a popcorn kernal). Each individual "kernal" has a hole in it, like it has popped. I can't see any bugs that could've eaten through, but its possible. So, I guess to restate my problems...what causes the very strange change in growth pattern? Also, what could be causing the little brown things/kernals/whatever to pop? Does any of this make sense?

It definitely doesn't look like typical "leggy' petunias. The entire leaf pattern has changed. It is doing this in 5 different containers, all purchased from one nursery. Help!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Do you religiously dead-head your petunias?

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Cut your Waves back by about half and fertilize them. This should vitalize them.
The kernels may be seed pods.

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i have to add that i had problems with my waves and for mine it seemed i actually watered it too little. i have them in hanging pots and watered them but apparently it was running through and the plant didn't get enough. i've been sitting it in the flower bed when i sprinkle and it looks so much better! and also make sure you dead head every day or two.

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