Horticultural Corn Meal

ljbrandt(8)July 25, 2009

Hi all,

I live in Montgomery, AL and have had a heck of a time finding horticultural corn meal in 50# bags ANYWHERE. I've tried all of the feed stores and grain mills and no-one carries it!! Reason I'm trying to find it is because I'm trying to start an organic lawn care program and I need to fight brown patch...if anyone here in Alabama knows of any place that carries this stuff, PLEASE PLEASE let me know...I'll drive up to 50 miles to get it!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Horticultural corn meal? I must say that I'm not familiar with that term.

I know that you can find whole ground corn meal in 25# bags in Sam's or Costco. I expect that ground corn meal is available at the feed centers and grain mills. They would use it to make many different kinds of animal feed.

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The 25# bags at Sams and Costco are food grade and as such are more expensive. What I am looking for is a 50# bag from a feed store...however all the feed stores I've contacted don't seem to carry the corn 'meal', only the whole/cracked corn.

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It has been 40 years since I fed cattle but feed stores use to sell a whole corn product with crushed cobs and ground corn with some cracked corn in it. Would that be a good substitute?

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Has anyone used alfalfa pellets ( sold as horse feed ) as fertilizer to increase the size of roses or daylilies? If so, do you recommend it and did it cause any onpleasant odor?

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