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ala8southJuly 24, 2007

Some of you will already know that I am waiting for someone from the state to come and do testing in my yard to determine what specifically was used that caused damage to our plants. We have clearly gotten some herbicide drift from a plane that sprayed a field behind our house last Friday.

This has showed me the huge importance of passing along plants to other garden friends. Luckily I have done this over the years, so I should be able to get starts of those plants back if those in my yard die.

This is important because some of those plants can't be replaced otherwise. Some were given me by my mom, one of those was from my grandma who has been dead many years, an aunt who died years ago had given me plants( of those I was never able to find someone to come get a start from the plant and I don't even know the specific name for that plant even the local nursery couldn't pin it down! I'd managed to start one plant from it this year that was still low to the ground and I'm hoping overhanging plants will have protected it), and there were plants from an old house where we lived. Some of those could have been started close to 100 years ago.

So ya'll be generous in sharing with friends! And, by the way, the local nursery people said that if your plants are ever sprayed, as mine have been, it is important to find out as quickly as possible what specifically was used. That will determine whether or not you should wash down the plants. In some cases washing down your plant could be a bad idea apparently.

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Have had a visit this morning from the state ag department. And here's the info you need to know.

There are no regulations to control the height a plane doing air spraying must be over a residence. There is no regulation about distance from a residence. Usually the pilot wisely leaves a buffer zone to protect from drift. The damage in my yard is definitely drift.

The state guy said that there are some chemicals that are used that will not show up in chemical testing as early as a handful of days after spraying. SO it is very important that if you think you may have drift, you immediately get pictures so that you have the "before" view. Then it is important that you contact the state and have them come out and take pictures once the damage is seen. The state guy's pictures, measurements, etc. is what is of primary importance to claim damage...not the testing. Important info to know folks!

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tedevore(7b Al)

Its almost depressing to know that besides having to compromise and work hard with mother nature during droughts and freezes and all, there are these strange man-made disasters that can befall us.

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The fact that there do not seem to be proper safeguards is so scary...bad enough to lose a garden (I'd be devastated) but what about if you or your children or pets were outside? That stuff can be really dangerous.

Hope you have by now been able to learn exactly what was sprayed and how to compensate for it in your garden. And speaking of compensation, surely you can expect the farmer to pay for your loss including any labor involved to replace your mulch, etc. and plants.

Please post again when you have time...I'm so sorry this has happened...but letting others know about it just might have a good effect in getting regulations strengthened.


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Years ago when my children were small, the county truck came by spraying for mosquitoes. We were walking on the road and got off as far as we could but the truck just sprayed over us. Two things:1)The state has few regulations about chemical use and/or application 2) The state does not enforce what regulations exist.
Stand up people! Alabamians deserve the same environmental protections other places have.

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Someone came by while I was at work and sprayed weedkiller along the sides of our road, killing everything within about 10 ft. of the pavement, under the power lines. I'd like to know who did this and what chemical they used.


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