Okra won't flower, too much nitrogen?

philipmcclartyJuly 23, 2014

I planted 4 Clemson spineless , all from same seed bag, 2 are in a raised bed and 2 are In separate containers, one of the plants in the container, by far the largest plant, has not set the first bloom. Instead of flowers appearing at the 45 degree angle from leaf stems, it's just more stems. Someone told me there maybe too much nitrogen in soil? Any ideas.

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Three gardeners I know have had the same problem this year. One mentioned it to an employee at Petals from the Past who, believe me, should know. They recommended a fertilizer with an 8/24/24 ratio (low nitrogen). Two out of three tried it with great success; the other didn't try it and still doesn't have okra blooms.

If you try it and it works, as a lover of fried okra & green tomatoes I'll expect a basket or two to show up on my front porch later this month.

Nelson ;-D

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