Identify this plant?

bamagardengirl05(7)July 20, 2013

I can only load one pic at a time...this was in a front bed...mostly sun...just grows in a dense clump and has enlarged each year. We have moved so I dug the big guy up and transferred him. He's stressing a little's about 2 weeks into the transplant and I've left him in the pot till I can figure out if I new to divide and conquer or leave as is.
I had to literally stand up on the pot and push to get this root system in. I know some of you are cringing but I had NO bigger pot and at 100lb soaking wet this thing nearly outweighs ME! My husband grunted with this guy an he's no small man...any who...this puts off finger length or a tad longer little buds that remind me if a pineapple...but stay green...I think it's seeding? I don't think Its pineapple lily??
I have that and it looks very vastly diff...(unless there's other types of pineapple lily and I'm sounding silly right now)....
I THINKING this is a cast iron plant???? I have a few varieties of this and I just can't jump start my brain after so many years of not gardening. I used to work in a specialty nursery and I got this in a 5gal pot. I'm sure I use to spout off the name of it daily but...I have a case of dementia. Lol. My paycheck very nearly went ALL to plants when there so I brought home SO MUCH I couldn't tell you in my mind what is what. If it was new and I didn't have it? I ha a weekly "tab" and at 50% I got a deal :)
Anyone recognize this?? Shade?? Sun??? Divide???
:) thanks guys.

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Here is a shot of the buds...they are shriveling. I think my move shocked them into "quitting" on me

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Last photo. I know it survives dividing. I HAD to lip this guy off to get the rest into the pot (and big boy needs to be placed soon as the roots are showing through the top soil of the BIG pot.
Front plant...I have LOADS of plants living in pots while we make beds. I'm scrambling to get them settled before cold!!!

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Photo didnt load?

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An if anyone can tell me what's in the back right?? Beside the Solomon's seal? The leaves and stems are sort if fuzzy

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Instea of starting multiple posts I figure it would be best to keep it all on one.
Hope this is okay!

This purple shamrock has two types I think? That's my question.
Do you see two types? I can separate if need be. Some are BIG purple leaves and then there's smaller leaves with a pattern. I had the patterned ones and someone gave me more. I stuck them in this pot and they came out solid purple no bloom yet for those. The second pot of purple is all patterned.
Also...I have other shamrocks...two greens hat bloom pink and white.
One as come up varigated after I cleaned the bed and cut it back. Is this a soil issue? Sun? It doesn't get a lot of sun there....or is it actually supposed to be varigated? It blooms pink.

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Pot of all patterned.

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This is the green, flowers it supposed to be varigated like this or is it poor soil?? This is a built in brick raised bed that's even with our garage...

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This has grown...I thought it may have been's broader than my everbearing...I let it grow and it had bloomed a tiny white flower that them turns to a fluff ball. Weed or plant?
What is it if plant?
Sorry if I am asking a lot :( I just don't want to remove this if its plant. I want to separate the oxalis....I need to know if I should divide the monster clump up top AND what it is...
Please help if you can. If I divide the monster I can bring some to the plant swap in fall :)

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The plant in the first 3 pictures looks like Rohdea japonica, a tough-as-nails evergreen that takes dry shade well, but looks best with dappled sunlight and regular moisture. Click below for more info....

Here is a link that might be useful: Rohdea japonica

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